Useful information for FRRA members and clubs


Appointments can be found here. If you are unable to fulfill any fixture then please make this known as soon as possible so that a re-appointment can be made.

Match report card

There are three pages to this: the referee form, the home side team sheet, and the away side team sheet. Instructions are also attached as a fourth tab. The team sheets should be handed to you at least five minutes before kick off. Do not start a game without having been provided with them. After the match, please hold onto all sheets for 48 hours. After that time, if they have not been requested by the federation then they can be binned. The match report card can be downloaded here as a hard copy or here as a digital version

Club referee feedback

Clubs are encouraged to provide feedback on their match referee in order to help their training and development. The form to be completed and sent online may be found here.

Expense claim form

Referees’ travel expenses can be claimed back from FRRA using this form. Please complete one form per trip and attached any receipts if applicable. The form can be downloaded here.

Player dismissal report

If you’ve shown a red card to a player then please complete this form. It’s not in pdf. format so you can type your report directly and then save and send via email if that’s the easiest for you. Please do this the same day so that incident is fresh in your mind and to allow disciplinary procedures to start expediently. The dismissal form can be completed from this link:
Player Dismissal Form

Anti-doping selection procedure

This is a guide for players, coaches and match officials created by Finnish anti-doping officials in conjunction with the SRL. Referees will be asked to perform the random selection of players for testing so it’s important to have an understanding of what will be required of you should anti-doping officials turn up at one of your games. The procedural guide can be found here.

Use of FRRA’s comms set

There is an association-owned set of comms. These are available on a first-come first-served basis so if you have a team of three appointment and would like to use them then you should reserve them in advance. It will be up to you to arrange pick-up from whomever used them last. A user manual (both how to physically set the devices up and how to best utilise them during the game) can be found here.

Facebook page and forum

There is a FRRA facebook group that acts as a forum for the association. It’s invitation only so if you’re on facebook and haven’t yet signed up please contact George Mossford.

FRRA recruitment poster

A higher-resolution copy of the below is available so if you know anywhere where it might do any good then get in touch.


FRRA recrtuiment poster